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Leather Hook-n-Loop Boxing Gloves Wholesale

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Custom made boxing gloves for your gym. Made from high quality leather.  We have several styles to choose from and pick your color combination.

You can select different types of liners, different styles of foam and any sizes and color combinations.


Minimum Order 25 pairs 

Price comes out to $35.00 a pair. Sell at your gym for $60-$95


Glove Styles

Style 1 - American Glove Style

Style 2 - Mexican Glove Style

Style 3 - Japanese Glove Style


Foam Types

Hard -1 Layer -Foam Injected Mold (Hard for bag work)

Medium 2- Layer Foam (for sparring and bag work)

Soft 3 Layer Foam (for sparring or mitt work)

Super Soft 3 Layer (for sparring and delicate hands)


Inner Liner Types

- Soft Nylon Faux Silk

- Cotton Liner


Minimum order is 25 pairs.

8 weeks delivery time.