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Officially licensed and authenticated tribute to the Greatest of All Time! He needs no introduction and everything that could be said about the champ has already been expressed. Crafted with exclusive Infused Foam® over the fist and knuckles for an unbelievably comfortable, natural fist closure, with a lighter, more impact-resistant core for all the performance, protection and execution athletes demand in their training and heavy bag workouts. An intense engineered leather cover makes these gloves super durable and strong, while the molded foam padding is shock-absorbing and impact resistant. Extra-wide wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure for a firm, secure fit. Exclusive Aerovent® inset in the top of the palm allows hot air to release during training. Complete with a moisture-wicking inside liner for cooler, drier training. Both gloves feature the Champ’s logo and his monikers “Float Like A Butterfly” and “Sting Like A Bee”. The impression he left on the world of sports, the influence he had on society and impact on everyone he came in contact makes the name ALI enough to tell the whole story.