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Officially licensed and authenticated tribute to the Greatest of All Time! He needs no introduction and everything that could be said about the champ has already been expressed. The impression he left on the world of sports, the influence he had on society and impact on everyone he came in contact makes the name ALI enough to tell the whole story. Features genuine aged full grain leather, brilliant metallic leather and rich suede leather for a winning trio befitting the Champ. A full 2" of integrated multi-layered inner foams for superb shock absorbency and impact resistance for the maximum coverage when sparring and training. The hand compartment is precisely lined with a moisture wicking composition to keep athletes cooler and drier during intense heavy bag workouts. A dual cross-strap wrap around wrist attachment assures the most secure, supportive and firm wrist attachment available. Professionally embossed with the GOAT’s signature and THE GREATEST to honor the Champ.