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AZOOU Internal Training Timer Gym Boxing Tabata Stopwatch Led Wall Clock for Fitness W/remote Control

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Brand: AZOOU

Color: Red,Blue


  • 12/24hour time of day (24hour format: H1 HH:MM; 12hour format: H2 HH:MM)
  • Stopwatch MM:SS:SS(1/10s)/(1/100s)format-from 00:00 up to 59:99
  • Countdown & Count up (Countdown format : dn MM:SS from 99:59 to 00:00 ; Count up format: UP MM:SS from 00:00 to 99:59)
  • Alternate timing for training and rest. (F = Training time; C= Rest time 1= First group running; like F1 MM:SS C1 MM:SS ; F2 MM:SS C2 MM:SS etc.)
  • MM:SS format-from 00:00 up to 99:59

Details: AZOOU Internal Training Timer Gym Boxing Tabata Stopwatch Led Wall Clock for Fitness W/remote Control This is a very cool and multifunctional Clock designed for fitness training. No matter for fitness center or home fitness, this multifunctional clock can work in a very friendly way to time your training. You will need one for your personal training!The clock applies high quality blue and red color high quality LED Seven Segment with high accurate time chip. Up to 10 years long time span, you will have a very cost effective once you have such a clock. The accurate time chip only has an about 2-3 minutes tolerance in one entire year! The clock also comes with a buzzer, it will work during preparation for countdown/up function to mention you that the count/up is going to start. You can set any time for the training time and rest time. And you can set up to 9 groups training time(F1-F9) and 9 groups rest time(C1-C9) and they display will alternative way. The clock is controlled and edit by IR remote control, the efficient control distance is 10 meters. This is very helpful especially when the clock is mounted out of reach. The very simple operation for the remote control makes you can master it just in several minutes! Features:Digit High: 1.8"/4.6cm; Time format: 12 and 24hour format; Control by wireless remote control; Dimension: 34.5cm W x 10cm H x 4cm D/14"W x 4"H x 1.6"D; Adapter: AC110~250V to 12VDC; Plug: Corresponding with your Countries standard; Mounting Method: Wall-mount Hang Stand on desk*** Please note: The battery is not included in the package because of the forbidden policy of the international courier. please purchase from your local store.

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