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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Path to the Black Belt (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu series)

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Author: Rodrigo Gracie

ISBN: 1931229422

Number Of Pages: 272

Publisher: Invisible Cities Press Llc

Details: All students of jiu-jitsu benefit from this step-by-step textbook, which takes them from the white belt right up to the ultimate, coveted goal of black belt. The comprehensive method assembled here by the well-regarded Gracie family lets fighters know exactly what they need to learn, when and why they need to learn it, and what they can do to progress more quickly. How and how often to train, pacing, training objectives, and how to measure success are all addressed according to the different goals students might have, from the casual practitioner to the self-defense student to the competitor bent on going pro. The plan detailed in the text can be customized to fit the trainee's body type and strengths. Instructors of jiu-jitsu will also find the manual helpful to their teaching, as it provides advice on program management, student evaluation, the selection of techniques for lessons, and recognizing a prodigy.

EAN: 9781931229425