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Sore shoulders and elbows from daily mitt work? Get relief from Flex-mitts™ - a revolutionary concept in focus mitts that uses a flexible handle to absorb punch force. 100% guarantee.

Flex-mitts are designed specifically for pro/am trainers who do a lot of mitt work and personal trainers who want to bring a fun and unique training regime to their repertoire.

  First and foremost, Flex-mitts protect the shoulders and elbows of trainers better than anything out on the market. The protection comes from the engineered handle – a heavy-duty polyurethane handle with very specific flexibility, weight and balance. It’s a combination of the flexibility in the handle and the technique with which you hold these mitts that provides this incredible protection.  

The reach of the flex-mitts from the 29” handle effectively gives the trainer a reach of the tallest fighter. This allows trainers to really test fighter defenses and help them develop excellent moves to get inside. It also provides quicker hands from the outside...it’s a bit of an illusion, the trainer can be outside while the pad is inside, so the pad doesn’t have to travel the distance or go from full recoil to full extension like a punch. All you need is a flick of wrist and the pad is on a fighters face. And with the long handle with multiple grip positions...you can change up the distance fighters must adapt to. Flex-mitts are simply ideal for breaking down defenses and building them back up.

Flex-mitts in their current length are tricky for fast inside work. You can get around that with a body shield, forcing the fighter to first get inside the reach of the flex-mitt then work the body at top speed. We are working on different lengths to offer in the future

We don’t say throw out your hand mitts, we say mix it up – give your shoulders a break once in a while, and give your fighters something new to react to.

Competitive paddle type targets offered by manufactures like Title, Winning, and Nike don’t have the same reach or satisfying sound and feel as hand mitts to the fighter. Furthermore they break under heavy use (the joint between the handle and the paddle face generally fail after heavy use)...gyms report having to replace every six months.    

Replacement time with hand mitts is another advantage the flex-mitts have. The foam of traditional hand mitts compress with use. We were going through Rival’s top hand mitts every four months with the volume of mitts that we do. The protection from the flex-mitt doesn’t depend on the foam – compressed or not the flex-mitts continue to provide protection through the handle.


We put our money where our mitts are – we offer something no other focus mitt or paddle target manufacturer offers – A three-year, no questions asked, and 100%replacement warranty.  WE can offer this because the protection we offer the trainer depends on a engineered heavy-duty polyurethane blend of the flexible handle, not the soft foam of the mitt.