Venum Amazonia 5.0 Fight Shorts - black - XL, X-Large

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Brand: Venum

Color: Black


  • 100% polyester for strength and lightness
  • New belt lined with neoprene band
  • New non-abrasive Velcro
  • Design fully Sublimated into the fiber
  • Available in multiple colors

Details: Introducing our most classic design, the Venum Amazonia 5.0 fight shorts. It's back with an original pattern and unique cut designed for enhanced fighting performance. With this 5.0 version, Venum added a new neoprene waistband liner for a perfect fit and optimum comfort during combat. With its non-abrasive Velcro, the Venum Amazonia 5.0 fight shorts eliminates skin irritation for ultimate comfort with every move you make. With a design inspired by the original best-seller and its high quality finish, the Venum Amazonia 5.0 fight shorts is the fight short for all athletes of any level. Made with a resistant microfiber and anatomical cut, the Venum Amazonia 5.0 fight shorts combines optimal thermoregulation with unprecedented mobility resulting in a more breathable and freedom of movement during combat. Inspired by the wild animals of the Amazon, such as caiman, jaguar and anaconda. The Venum Amazonia 5.0 fight shorts is designed for the ultimate Predator: you.

EAN: 3611441450506